Please help I burnt my finger and now it wont stop hurting?

Answer DO NOT APPLY ANYTHING COLD TO IT. This will make it even worse when you want to take the cold off. I've made that mistake before and the burns last a lot longer if you apply cold things , such as i... Read More »

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Ow... I burnt my tounge... How can I get it to stop hurting?

Try sucking on ice. Then chew minty gum. :) That helped me.

Ive burnt my little finger how do i stop it hurtin so much?

Keep it right on ice all day. and when you go to sleep keep an ice pack on your finger. If you keep it on ice all day and sleep with an ice pack on ur finger, it will be fine tommorow. how did you ... Read More »

I slammed my finger in the door. How do I get it to stop hurting?

applying an icepack to it will help reduce swelling.take motrin or tylenol (motrin works best b/c it also has an anti-inflammatory in it to help reduce swelling)for motrin: take 200-400mg every 6-8... Read More »

How long does your finger stop hurting after stitches?

Take 2 pain killers 3 times a day and you will be as good as new