Please help! I am being treated unfairly by a user of wikipedia who has been harassing me?

Answer I have the same problem, except with a different user.THOSE WIKIPEDIA BASTARDS!

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What to do when being treated unfairly by your parents?

When being untreated fairly by a parent, it's best if you communicate the issue to them and understand why they are treating you as such. However, if the reason to why they are mistreating you is a... Read More »

Kris Aquino said she is fed up with her detractors. Do you agree she is being treated unfairly?

Let's put things in perspective. The two main reasons why people despise kris are: 1)Her trademark corny-toned accent when talking/speaking, and 2)Her tactlessness.For the first reason, well, the... Read More »

Suggest user name for wikipedia?

Lifeless Loser 142Pompous GuardianArrogant Knowhole

How do I become a autoconfirmed user on wikipedia?

You need to have been registered for at least 4 days, made 10 edits, and have a confirmed email address entered in your preferences. You'll automatically become autoconfirmed after all that.