Answer Put ice on it and rest for about a week, keep it fresh and clean. It should go away after a week.I used to play soccer, this happened to me many times.

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I need help with my computer! It will really be needed from a very knowledgeable tech guy, please help!?

300W is not enough to run a 9600gt. Your psu has started to die.Buy a decent psu like a Corsair, Enermax, or Seasonic at least 450w. You can then use this in any future system you build. Go for th... Read More »

What Is Wrong With My Foot, It Hurts Really Bad PLEASE HELP!!?

The foot has many small bones and they can get fractured. I know this from experience. Foot fractures, no matter how small need to be taken care of! The foot is one of the most complicated places t... Read More »

Please Help. Swollen Ankles And Foot By Socks?

Could be a lot of things, from too much salt in your diet to heat exhaustion to congestive heart failure to...Personally, here's what I'd do before making a doctor's appointment -- and it will eith... Read More »

Really swollen!! PLEASE help?

You could hold an ice cube on the bite as that usually makes the swelling go down. You could use calamine lotion to help with the itching........................