Please help!! Can I take 2 more midol?

Answer You didn't say what 'Cramps'. The following Protocol is for PMS:Midol...two is OK! However, if you genuinely wish to make the pain go away have these on hand. 1.) Vitamin C. Yep, gud ole Vitamin C ... Read More »

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How can I get more facebook likes on a contest photo Please help me get more!?

tag people in your pic.. if they love it they will like it and share it in different groups..

Please Help me buy a decent camcorder to record my new born angel. The more I search more I am confused.?

believe it or not, the Canon Z500 is a pretty good camera even if it's in the $300 range. It's a DV camera and you can connect a firewire cable to it from your computer. it rates better than the h... Read More »

Looking to get more muscle please help!?

you can do full body workoutslungessitupspushupsdipsan eat more proteins an carbswhen you hit 15 - 16 then start lifting weights....u can also hit U TUBE an do spartan workout

My toe is really hurt (READ MORE!!!!!!!) PLEASE HELP?

You know one of the worst things that humans do is wear shoes. In your case it is even more of a problem because of the kinds of things you do when you are wearing them.What you need to ensure is ... Read More »