Please help ASAP swollen jaw first day of school?

Answer for the swelling, try ibruprofen and not aleve cause aleve is only good for pain, ibruprofen takes away some of the swelling which is also causing pain. keep icing, and it's atleast a good enough s... Read More »

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I have no idea when i might get my period and school!!! help me asap!?

i think u will get ur period pretty soon... don't worry its probably irregular cuz it could for the first 2 years. i think that they were probably cramps :)

Swollen lymph nodes in neck and ear, swollen left upper rib cage.?

I agree with your Doctor. Swelling of lymph nodes is extremely common in colds and viruses. I would give it several weeks before you get to worried. Especially since the swollen nodes are accompani... Read More »

The left side of my forehead and eye area is kinda swollen. Maybe the bone is a little swollen to, idk.?

If you have a bad headache you should take a couple of paracetamol , your headache should ease in about 10 to 15 minutes.............

I lost my phone in school i have a phone lock and i guees the stoler turned it off what do i do asap?

Stoler? Oh you mean THIEF? What's the lesson here? Report the phone as STOLEN and the cell company can terminate service and put it on the hot list. It's not going to help you recover it, but ... Read More »