Please help ASAP swollen jaw first day of school?

Answer for the swelling, try ibruprofen and not aleve cause aleve is only good for pain, ibruprofen takes away some of the swelling which is also causing pain. keep icing, and it's atleast a good enough s... Read More »

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I twisted my ankle its swollen a lot please help (please please read) ?

The only way to know if it's broken is going to be an X-Ray done by a doctor.In the meantime, if it's a sprain, for the first 24-48 hours keep ice on it to prevent swelling and take Ibuprofen (an a... Read More »

Please help, i am very confused and i need help asap thanx?

I don't know the exact rules here in Virginia. But most probably you get a learner permit and permission to drive for about 40 days or more then you give test and get your licence.

Wtf please help asap?

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Can you help me please ASAP?

There is a "mirror-image" check-box in my preferences menu. Look for somethign like this in yours.File - print - print options / print pref's, etc