Please help! 10 pts! What just happened at school?

Answer The symptoms described sound just like a panic attack and/or an allergic reaction to your pill. Absolutely do not take it again until you see your doctor especially since you felt it "hard to breat... Read More »

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What happened to the school economy?

The CIA has been called the "cloak and dagger" of the U.S. Imagine them as being a highly effective black ops team with a seemingly infinite amount of resources... their job is to notice everyone e... Read More »

To those that finished high school, what happened to some of your classmates?

It is interesting that the kids that were considered losers weren't. Who knows though, maybe the teasing and taunting by the "popular students" had a positive effect in the long term and somehow ma... Read More »

TEEN: Most awkward/embarrassing moments ever happened school?

One time when I was in year 8 my friends and another group of girls were having arguments with each other. One of the girls got me involved and started shouting. When I get shouted at or get confro... Read More »

Brazil's School system using Computer Chips On School kids uniforms to track if Students in School or not ->?

Agree-but disagree on a uniform..hey should have it embedded into the skin just like they do with animals to keep track of where they go...good idea!!..=)