Please help! 10 pts! What just happened at school?

Answer The symptoms described sound just like a panic attack and/or an allergic reaction to your pill. Absolutely do not take it again until you see your doctor especially since you felt it "hard to breat... Read More »

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Something weird just happened to my heart please help?

You are having premature ventricular contractions. If you have been having a lot of caffeine in cokes, coffee, chocolate or tea, please discontinue those . Alcohol or drugs can also cause this. as ... Read More »

Im 15 and feel stupid I had protected sex and havent had my period for 2 months. This has happened b4 but im really scared could I be pregnant or is it just an irregular period PLEASE HELP?

Chances of Pregnancy You don't say what protection you used but if you used a condom correctly your chances of getting pregnant are only about 2 in a hundred over a year, if you are on the pill the... Read More »

Whoa--What just happened to my iPod Help!?

Since your phone is kind of old, and the iPod is new technology, you never know what kind of things are inside of those devices that are making it clash. It was probably just a minor thing, and not... Read More »

Please help me!!!! What happened to my ankle!!?

Sounds like a bruise along with a hematoma near the ankle joint.