Please don't laugh at me, but can someone explain the "Copy and Cut" process?

Answer I'm not laughing! Why would I laugh? The only way to find out is if you ask!!!to get rid of an item:right clickclick cutthe item should disapearto copy and paste an item:hilight the item/text you w... Read More »

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Plz dont laugh?

try to do it again and again, that's kinda cool

Please dont laugh, please answer?

if you are that scared just go to the doctor. you may just a stomach flu or something. if you were poisoned you would feel A LOT worse than just feeling like you are going to throw up. and you woul... Read More »

Please explain the process of an oil change?

Drain plug is removed>Oil filter is removed>Oil is drained>New filter is installed>Drain plug is re-inserted>Oil is filled.

Please Help me.I dont know how to explain this to my parents.?

You do not mention having fevers, weight loss, weakness, or night sweats so you are missing typical symptoms of cancer. Seventeen year olds do not get anal cancer. Most likely you have piles or hem... Read More »