Please don't laugh at me, but can someone explain the "Copy and Cut" process?

Answer I'm not laughing! Why would I laugh? The only way to find out is if you ask!!!to get rid of an item:right clickclick cutthe item should disapearto copy and paste an item:hilight the item/text you w... Read More »

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So I got this in my fortune cookie, but i dont get it someone explain please?

It's words of encouragement --- "You can do it!" Don't walk away from an opportunity -- face the challenge of life.

Would someone please explain to me in detail how to copy a DVD I'm trying to make 2 or 3 more copies?

Don't listen to that idiot who can't read your question because obviously you own the rights to the content of the DVD. I am assuming it is not encrypted, so as long as you have a DVD recorder, yo... Read More »

Please dont laugh, please answer?

if you are that scared just go to the doctor. you may just a stomach flu or something. if you were poisoned you would feel A LOT worse than just feeling like you are going to throw up. and you woul... Read More »

Please explain the process of an oil change?

Drain plug is removed>Oil filter is removed>Oil is drained>New filter is installed>Drain plug is re-inserted>Oil is filled.