Please comment: Italian cuisine is superior to all other forms of food.?

Answer Yes, but the "real" italian cuisine, not that kind of food named italian with a lot of fat, cream and other.

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Food and drink survey please comment would like to see?

1) Water2) Tea3) Chicken4) Chips5) Hot Drinks

Can a LACK of food CAUSE any forms of cancer or any other serious conditions?

unlikely , because it will cause other diseases and sympotoms not cancer

What is Italian cuisine?

Italian cuisine varies regionally and encompasses a wide variety of fragrant dishes. Dishes often feature seafood, pasta and sauces influenced by Arabian, Sicilian and Mediterranean cookery. Italia... Read More »

How did Italian cuisine originate?

Italian cuisine has evolved during its long history. Historians and chefs have difficulty in describing Italian cooking as homogeneous, with diverse produce, seafood, and customs among the nation's... Read More »