Please answer everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer Its one of those bruises that dont hurt. Ive had those. Or its a blood vain, but i doubt that. Anyway, It should go away in a week. 2 at the most

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Girls please help! Everyone answer please! ?

Wellll...I have to be honest, if you arent wearing some kind of bra then your boobs probably arent very big at all. Like seriously you dont even have to have big boobs at all to be at a point where... Read More »

EVERYONE please ANSWER...........?

I am so scared to drive! Everyone please answer help?

By the sound of it you are extremely in confident with driving a vehicle, therefore I suggest you do NOT attempt to drive a vehicle on the public road. The most important aspect of driving a car is... Read More »

I want Everyone To Answer this question PLEASE!!!!!!?

(1) I am a Chinese living in China.(2) Yes, as long as it is not too spicy.(3)Of course . As long as it is a good restaurant and the food are not too expansive I am very likely to eat there.(4) Thi... Read More »