Please answer!!! I'm super scared!!!?

Answer Okay you seem really nervous. So I'll go step by step. First when u get there, the nurse will check ur bp, then ur eyes, hearing, etc. Then she will prick ur finger to check ur iron. Then she might... Read More »

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This is super super urgent please answer if you know- would you say this website is secure or a con?

Hi.They supply no contact address on there website, not even in there Terms.There website has no SSL Certificate but they are probably very small. You should be covered by Paypal if something goes ... Read More »

Please someone answer im scared?

Kelsi dear, you really should go to the doctor. I know you have a fear but I mean I think the real thing to fear here is that you could be seriously hurt. The sooner the better even if it means 3 i... Read More »

Really Scared About Swine Flu..Please Answer?

Hi.First of all the people you have talked to are correct, more people do die of 'normal' flu every year then have died of swine flu.Flu spreads cause of the ill person touching something then some... Read More »

Help me please im scared :| 10 points for best answer?

Hard one. Its sometimes caused by blood pressure. Can it happen when you sneeze or cough or is it random?Hey K,listen- if its a burning sensation that goes up the back of your head and on the top w... Read More »