Please answer! I have bruised for no reason Why?

Answer Then, consider exercising 'em a lot!Good luck!

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I bruised for no reason Why was this! Please answer!?

Sometiems it just happens but it could be because you clicked it back into socket it coldve poped a blood vessel

Girls only... PLEASE!!! guys wont have an answer to this so theres no reason to look!?

I think I am going to get my hair cut but I have a question!! PLEASE ANSWER PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?

Bangs can sometime be annoying.If you keep your hair down a lot then bangs are good for you.There are many types of banfs side bags,side swept,and straight cut.Go on and you can up... Read More »

Someone please help me!!Body sore for no reason now bruises are popping up for no reason?

Im no doctor, and when I say im no doctor, im actually no where near a doctor. But this sounds kinda like a relative of mine's symptoms a while ago. She was sent to hospital and was diagnosed with ... Read More »