Please answer! Going on a date in a few days!?

Answer Before you go to bed put vaseline on your lips! During the day use Baby Lips chap stick. It is amazing!

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Can benefits be denied if you became pregnant 55 days before the effective date of short term disability insurance that permits denial of benefits for a condition treated in the prior 90 days?

Answer Sounds like it could. What is definition of a condition treated? Just because one is pregnant doesn't mean that you know you are. Is this policy provided under State Disability Insurance, a ... Read More »

How to Calculate 180 Days From a Date?

Calculating 180 days from any given date can be estimated by simply incrementally increasing the month by six. However, this method will not produce accurate results. For precise calculations, you ... Read More »

How to Add Days to a Date in JavaScript?

JavaScript date manipulation is not as robust and full-featured as the date-handling methods found in higher level programming languages such as PHP and ASP.NET. If you need to format a date in Jav... Read More »

How do i dry up my acne in days please help best answer gets 10 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

i hold a hot face cloth on my face for 5 mins then apply toothpaste on the acne leave it on for 10-15 mins then wash it off with warm water and pat dry. hope it helps for you. (: