Please Yahoo, please stop the pop up advertising, I don't drink beer?

Answer Are the pop ups coming from yahooooo, or some other sites that you have been visiting? hmm....

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Please dont laugh, please answer?

if you are that scared just go to the doctor. you may just a stomach flu or something. if you were poisoned you would feel A LOT worse than just feeling like you are going to throw up. and you woul... Read More »

Will everyone please stop asking about the Yahoo! Mail and Messenger being down today!?

I asked the same thing about 10 minutes ago. No one can seem to search for the question before asking it. In my question, a girl said she was about to ask the same question before seeing my post.... Read More »

I have a VERY important question about weed..please please please look at it. please?

It happened to me too, it took a couple of years before I was right in the head again, where my thoughts came out properly and there wasnt any haziness and loss of thought, its not cool.It takes a ... Read More »

I need a realy good natural herb for menstral cramps. PLEASE! i will snort, smoke, I dont care! just stop this?

Check this site outhttp://www.craighitchenstherapies.comThis man does free online naturopathic consultations. He is properly qualified and the program I got was great. I think he may be able to he... Read More »