Please Help with career choice would like to work with kids?

Answer In my state, you don't need to have a college education to work at a daycare or pre-school, but you can't advance up the career ladder very far without at least a CDA (Child Development Associate)... Read More »

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How would learning spanish help you with a career with nasa?

Well Learning Spanish well held you in NASA because you well never know if people talk spanish in NASA and you will use it one day.

I would like to buy a first time digit camera, Not to expensive please help with your advice?

Its difficult getting top-tips on what to buy so I have had a good number of digital cameras recently trying to find the 'right' one. I started with a Canon Ixus 40 which had 4 Megapixels and was w... Read More »

Fellow vegetarians, please help me with a smart breakfast choice when having an upset stomach?

Banana and yogurt helped me when my antibiotic did that to my stomach.Other options are two slices of cinnamon toast, cereal, big muffins and a glass of juice, beans on toast (protein!), vegetarian... Read More »

Does my choice of case work with my choice of gpu?

The case is just the outer shell of a computer which protects it from moisture, shock and prevents people from stepping on it. Any casing will work, it just groups all the computer parts into 1 so ... Read More »