Please, Help me choosing the right TV!?

Answer Simple answer...Go to a store and look at them side-by-side. That way you can also compare prices on the spot.Next, buy a copy of the Products Guide that the Consumer Protection people put out (or ... Read More »

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Dudes help me out on choosing the right one..!?

Gee ... i guess u didn't check out any phones till now . For 16 K -don't take Xperia active ... you'll get xperia u which is much better with android ICS support [but no card support] with dual ... Read More »

Help me choosing the right laptop?

Friend, your presentation of the specs of the machines could not be more better. Its perfect.As far as my own experience goes, have used Dell and HP for sheer gaming and internet purposes. Both w... Read More »

I need help with choosing the right camcorder?

I have the new hybrid hdd from JVC,the specifications and price are one of the best in the market,you can take pictures and videos with his hard drive of 30 GB,also you can use SD memory stick....s... Read More »

Laptop choosing help please?

_I am in the process of purchasing a computer from Hewlett-Packard. I used the coupon code from this website. Now it's even better than the one I use.…Us... Read More »