Please Help Me! 10 points for best answer!....I have................?

Answer You could try abreva, but if that doesn't work, you might want to have a doctor check it out. Usually carmex works within a week or so.***EDIT*** Are you healthy? Maybe it's a vitamin deficiency... Read More »

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Is it possible I have diabetes type 2 points for best answer, PLEASE HELP:(:(?

Being thirsty all the time, drinking and peeing a lot, are classic symptoms of diabetes. But the actual symptoms are different for everyone. Blurring of vision is another classic symptom. Light-... Read More »

PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP!!! i will give 10 points to who helps the best!! THANKS!?

yesh it should do look here:…

Pretty please help me out here girls, i neef your help!- 10 points to best?

Aw, you look pretty! I'm thinking that you should take a little from the length's of your side hairs and make it a little short. Hold on, Imma go get a pic that's only just for you! :-)Maybe, this ... Read More »

PLEASE HELP! I am crying and don't know what to do! 10 points to best answer, thanx for all of your help!!!!!?

The link you posted doesn't work for me, so I can't see an example of your rash. I'd suggest looking up strep throat or scarlet fever. You'd need a round of antibiotics for either of those, though.