Please Help!!! I'm 14, just kissd my bf, what are chces im pregant?

Answer I

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Please help! 10 pts! What just happened at school?

The symptoms described sound just like a panic attack and/or an allergic reaction to your pill. Absolutely do not take it again until you see your doctor especially since you felt it "hard to breat... Read More »

Please help me, i've just been bitten by a raccoon what can i do?

Make sure it's not rabid. If you don't know, you need to go see the doctor and get treated for rabies.

I just got a lip piercing help please!?

Eat drink and be merry! Starving yourself or becoming dehydrated will actually do more damge (by slowing your healing process) then eating will. Rinse your piercing with warm water and then cool wa... Read More »

Just got braces. please help?

ive had braces for 3 effing years (they told me that i would only haved them for 2)and brackets will fall off,its no big deal wont make a difference usually when you go back theyll put it back on b... Read More »