Please Help! Am I Overweight! 13 Year Old!?

Answer No sweetheart you are not fat! I am !lmost 14 and I weigh 149! People say I am well porpotioned! Your not fat you very healthy and those people are just jealous because your more beautiuful than th... Read More »

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Someone please help an overweight 13 year old?

You absolutely need to both burn more calories and to consume fewer calories. There is no better way to burn more calories than by jogging/walking. Nothing else come close. For now all your exerci... Read More »

Am i overweight for a 13 year old?

You are a bit overweight but don't be so conscious as it doesn't matter much. Make sure you eat the right food, do regular exercise and always remain active. Avoid being lazy. I'm 16 and I weigh 50... Read More »

14 year old ; am I overweight?

No I don't think your overweight. For your muscles to be more visible. I run track and I am 17 and I am working on my muscles being more visible as well. Every day I try to do 100 push upps, I lift... Read More »

What is overweight for a 15-year-old?

Well I am 15 also and I am 155 and 5'7" and I am considered at risk. I have found that overweight for a 15 year old is 175 and above. The best way to check if you are overweight or at risk is to go... Read More »