Please Help! Am I Overweight! 13 Year Old!?

Answer No sweetheart you are not fat! I am !lmost 14 and I weigh 149! People say I am well porpotioned! Your not fat you very healthy and those people are just jealous because your more beautiuful than th... Read More »

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Someone please help an overweight 13 year old?

You absolutely need to both burn more calories and to consume fewer calories. There is no better way to burn more calories than by jogging/walking. Nothing else come close. For now all your exerci... Read More »

Hi i am 14 and overweight and fat please help me out?

1. Start exercising! You need to exercise EVERY day! I highly suggest a video workout called p90x. It is very popular. If you use it you need to mainly do:Core, abs, yoga, kenpo and cardio. The res... Read More »

I am a 12-year-old girl who is overweight... HELP!?

Just watch what you eat and exercise. When you're hungry, just snack on fruit and veggies.

I need to know. 15 year old girl...pregnant please please help me.?

Well, first off, don't make the same mistake of a possible pregnancy. To your problem: I know how you feel. It's pretty scary when you like someone so much but don't know how to tell them. It d... Read More »