Please Help... AGAIN... My Computer Screen Isn't Working!?

Answer Maybe bring it to someone to repair it, or just replace it with a better, newer Macintosh, Tobisha, Dell or something ...

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My ipod wifi isnt working :( please help!?

After multiple attempts at trying to connect the router and the ipod get confused. Do this, in this order, and when I say wait a minute or two minutes I mean a full minute or two. I don't mean 10 s... Read More »

My wireless mouse isnt working properly HELP . Please xD?

the "THINGIE" is not going to help us identify your problem and help you, be more specific please =). i believe you have a warranty on that mouse....return policy? either way logitech can't just go... Read More »

Please help. Drysol isnt working. I think I'm using it wrong?

Thats really bad for you.It would be better, if you ask a doctor.Best wishes!

A msg is show again and again on my computer screen..wanna remove it forever but don't know how need help..?

Click on Start > Run.Type in as regedit and click on ok.You will get a popup window as Registry.Click on + sign at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.Click on + sign at SYSTEM.Click on + sign at CurrentControlSet.... Read More »