Please Help... AGAIN... My Computer Screen Isn't Working!?

Answer Maybe bring it to someone to repair it, or just replace it with a better, newer Macintosh, Tobisha, Dell or something ...

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Mouse for computer isnt working.?

For the wireless mouse, make sure that the batteries are not dead. If the batteries are fine, make sure the receiver is not blocked by anything and connected to the computer properly. If that's alr... Read More »

My computer mouse isnt can i fix it?

Specify the exact mouse, and it can help more.But here are a couple of stuff to try.As everyone said, check your connection... this can include plugging your mouse into a different computer and che... Read More »

My computer sound isnt working?

WOW. Lots of guesses, no real answers, at least no good ones. Ok. 1. Try pluging the speakers in to your home stero headphone jack. Make sure to plug them into the wall as well, most computer s... Read More »

My cell phone for bell isnt working my screen dosnt show display so i cant do anythign?

You may qualify for an upgrade. Just call em.