Please Help. A 2 year old child just drank a tiny, tiny bit of oxy cleansing pads- the liquid in it. help now!?

Answer I would try and give it lots to drink, call your poison control center, or take him immediately to the emergency room.Always have syrup of epicac on hand when there is a little one so that you can ... Read More »

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What are these tiny tiny bumps on my face?

you may be correct, they may be a reaction to hot water, i get these when in the shower, irratated looking? if this is believed to be it dont worry.

Tiny Really Tiny Bumbs on my face.?

Oh, you have about four or five years of acne to look forward to, unless you go to a dermatologist.

What are the tiny bumps all over your 8 year olds face?

You'd better take the child to a doctor. Don't wait.

Has anyone noticed an increase in tiny flies at this time of year?

moist damp weather can do that at this time of year.