Please Explain What Computer Cookies Are?

Answer Everyone loves a batch of warm, gooey cookies fresh from the oven, but there's never been quite so much love for tracking cookies. Tracking cookies are commonly talked about, frequently feared, and... Read More »

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Can someone explain this computer term to me please?

We have got two types of Operating systems( Or in the other word windows) One is 32 bit edition which is the most common used and the other one is 64 bit edition which is mostly used by professiona... Read More »

What are "tracking cookies" ...Can you explain it in an easy way lol?

> Then I got that it could be people spying > on everything you do on the computer.No> So what are they?A cookie is a small bit of data that a website can ask your web browser to store.Next time yo... Read More »

Can someone please explain to me what is "water weight"?

water weight is the "weight of water" in your body simple as that! its nothing to worry about. like if you drink water, it will increase your weight, but once you go " #1 " it'll be lost. of cours... Read More »

Can someone explain to me what HDMI is in English please?

High Definition Mutlimedia Interface. It has become the industry standard for transporting a perfect copy of your audio and video signal between devices such as TVs and surround receivers. HDMI use... Read More »