Please Answer but only Girls!!!?

Answer Don't use scented, you'll smell like a bloody pansy. Srsly. It's gross.

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Girls only please if u answer mine I will answer yours !!?

I take it that your young and your parents didn't explain "the gift" too you!Yes in some cases some females show signs in diff ways... Some end up cramping badly a couple days before they start (me... Read More »

Girls only Please answer?

Yes if I love him and he cares about me than yes. Also it doesn't matter about about looks its about personality and how he treats me.

Girls please help! Everyone answer please! ?

Wellll...I have to be honest, if you arent wearing some kind of bra then your boobs probably arent very big at all. Like seriously you dont even have to have big boobs at all to be at a point where... Read More »

Girls help ! please answer thanks !?

Go swimming it will stop i promise!! when i was younger my mum wouldnt let me use tampons so i had to do without. when i was home alone i jumped in the pool while on my period and it just stopped. ... Read More »