Please Answer but only Girls!!!?

Answer Don't use scented, you'll smell like a bloody pansy. Srsly. It's gross.

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Girls only please if u answer mine I will answer yours !!?

I take it that your young and your parents didn't explain "the gift" too you!Yes in some cases some females show signs in diff ways... Some end up cramping badly a couple days before they start (me... Read More »

Girls only Please answer?

Yes if I love him and he cares about me than yes. Also it doesn't matter about about looks its about personality and how he treats me.

OMG only girls ages 10-16 answer please!?

I really dont have a specific brand....everything I wear consists of band shirts and jeans, or button up, long sleeve shirts (sleeves rolled) with and jeans. =)I like dressing comfortably. Now, Im... Read More »

GIRLS answer this only PLEASE!! no boys!?

I really think that you should just forget about him. If, he really wanted to get with you. Then, he would of found somebody that's knows you so y'all could hook up. He did not. He hooked back ... Read More »