Pleas help!I applied moisturiser to my legs and walked under the sun and now I get rashes all over my legs?

Answer if u shaved ur legs or used a hair removal cream like Nair right before putting on the moisturiser it could be just sensitive, next time wait a few hours. it could also be an allergic reaction or t... Read More »

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I have just walked over 10 miles and my legs ache-what should I do to help my poor legs?

Stretch! Do squats, lunges and a bit of on spot running. The reason your legs hurt is the lactic acid from your muscles. As soon as you start to move and stretch the acid while go away. Oh also, th... Read More »

What causes a prolonged menstruation and rashes on arms and legs?

i have a rash sometimes in my menstruation;why is causin.g this

How to Stop Rashes After Shaving Bikini Area & Legs?

Shaving with a razor is irritating to sensitive skin and can cause splotchy rashes to appear afterward. This is especially true for the bikini area and legs where poor technique coupled with the wr... Read More »

My legs often feel tired even if I haven't walked so long, I noticed some nerves growing on both parts.?

Yes the symptoms you said are varicose veins and washing your feet from the show should not be causing this to happen.