Pleas help me , working out for month see no real improvement?

Answer To maintain your weight of 120, you would have to consume 14 calories per pound... 120x14= 1680 calories a dayTo lose weight, simply decrease the amount of calories you consume - target fatty f... Read More »

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O NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See, wat you need to do is go to tha store.but eAr dropz that say "Swimmer's ear" on dA bottle.( U kan ask the store ppl if u need help choosing 1)Den drOp a drippy drop into... Read More »

Is a land improvement real property?

If the land improvement is permanently attached to the land, then it is considered real property. According to Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, real property generally includes the land and things... Read More »

Stomach bug diarrhea doctors pleas help emetophobia?

It sounds like a reaction to the lactose you ate. Just try to get it all out before you have to go to work. You should be fine don't worry!

I am stammer, can I pass bank Interview, pleas help?

If you are confident, have relevant knowledge and can answer question, Yes you can.It also depends if they have such criteria as communication skills.