Pleas help me , working out for month see no real improvement?

Answer To maintain your weight of 120, you would have to consume 14 calories per pound... 120x14= 1680 calories a dayTo lose weight, simply decrease the amount of calories you consume - target fatty f... Read More »

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Is a land improvement real property?

If the land improvement is permanently attached to the land, then it is considered real property. According to Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, real property generally includes the land and things... Read More »

Can a student who has passed his class 12 exams last year gave his improvement exam this year. if yes in which month does it held. please reply now its really urgent please.........?

+OPK at 6AM. How much time do we have to BD DH is working until 3AM. Are we missing the window this month?

Come right at 342 and hold engaging ACM with JDAM until the LTC confirms HVT or green status. There may be JSOTF personnel in the area.

My Samsung Galaxy S2 fell in water about a month ago, and its working pretty well, will it always be fine?

if it works fine, then you shouldn't have any worries.