Playing soccer safe after meniscus surgery?

Answer Hi Allen,I'm sorry to hear about your knee. I'm 16 and I actually tore my medial meniscus playing basketball back at the end of March and had surgery in April. Like you, my tear was not repairable.... Read More »

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Right knee removed lateral meniscus, will I be fit for soccer ever again?

Yes, you will be fit for soccer gradually.

ACL and meniscus surgery and recovery?

I'm sorry you hurt your knee but don't allow your emotions and/or fear get in the way of making the right decision. ACL and meniscus tears generally don't heal on their own. You will most likely s... Read More »

Torn meniscus surgery?

Hi Alex,I've had surgery for a torn meniscus twice now in the last three months. The surgeon might remove some of the tear. Meniscus tears can either be removed or repaired. Only the outer one-thir... Read More »

Medial meniscus tear (surgery)?

Rennie, PLEASE take it easy!! I have been through all of that before and you do not want to rush it. You could step wrong or slip and you would be very much in trouble. I know you say "I will be... Read More »