Playing Video from the net keeps glitching, what's wrong ?

Answer Not sure what you mean by glitching, but if it seems to be loading slow or pausing a lot, you can punch and hold Clrl, Alt, Delete keys on your key board, in that order, and see if there is somethi... Read More »

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My laptop just started freezing up while playing video games. What could be wrong?

Being a laptop, I would say it's overheating. Could buy something like this… it might help.

Which video card do you recommend me for playing the lastest video games?

I'm going to use Battlefield 3 BETA as your standard. nVidia recommendations seem to be pretty spot on when it comes to the RECOMMENDED specifications for BF3 Beta. They recommend for smooth perfor... Read More »

Is it wrong of me to be playing on the computer while my coworker is working?

Absolutley. get back to work slacker....oh crap, here comes my boss..gotta go.....

Whats that new song they are playing on the radio by fun?…Beautiful song isn't it!Carry On, FUN!