Playground Dilemma: The Balance at Play?

Answer Qualifying for an FHA mortgage after a mortgage short sale is possible. But your ability to get a mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration depends largely on how you managed your prev... Read More »

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How to Balance Work and Play?

Have you been stressed out lately because of your job? Do you want to have some fun, but still do your work? Well, read on if you want to know how to balance work and play.

How to Balance Work, Play and Sexual Relationship?

Balancing work, play/friends and a sexual relationship can be a very hard task and sometimes you can loose yourself in it all, so how do you do it? for me I like taking 2hrs out of everyday where I... Read More »

Does my credit card balance increase with a balance transfer?

If the card you are transferring your balances to has a transfer fee, your balance on the new card will be higher than it was on the old card. Transfer fees should be considered alongside any poten... Read More »

3d blu ray dilemma! What do I need/look for?

"I have no idea what I should be looking for"Any Blu-Ray player, that states it is 3D capable."a budget of about £100"Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and LG all offer 3D Blu-Ray players in that price ran... Read More »