Plato's Influences on Religion?

Answer Long before the saints of Christianity and the prophet of Islam, Greek philosopher Plato considered the good life, the ideal state, the soul and the limits of human knowledge. Plato's subsequent in... Read More »

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French Influences on English?

The French language is one of the most popular languages in the world, and is represented at various international organizations, including being an official language of the United Nations. It has ... Read More »

The Influences of Egyptian Motifs?

Egyptian motifs began appearing in Greek and Roman artifacts and architecture, continuing up to modern civilizations in one form or another. However, Egyptomania took on a life of its own after the... Read More »

Influences on Language Development?

Many factors contribute to a child's language development. The factors are present in the child's life from the time of birth, and the child learns to recognize certain speech patterns before learn... Read More »

Professional Influences in Education?

Various professional groups have an influence over the education system. Some work for the schools directly, while others operate outside the school system and have indirect influences. In general,... Read More »