Plastic Welding Tips and Tricks?

Answer Plastic welding is a skill with many applications in crafts, as well as repairing auto parts such as plastic fenders and radiators. According to the Delvie's Plastics website, it is safer and easie... Read More »

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Tricks for TIG Welding a Root Pass?

Many jobs, such as nuclear work, piping and consumer goods, require at least the root pass, or the first weld in the pipe joint, to be done using the tungsten inert gas (TIG) process. Root passes u... Read More »

What Is a Plastic Welding Kit?

A plastic welding kit includes everything needed to professional-quality repairs to thermoplastic products, including motorcycle, automotive and truck body parts, tarps and conveyor belts. Many pla... Read More »

DIY Plastic Polyethylene Welding?

Polyethylene plastic best-known use is for making kitchen and garbage bags. Lightweight, strong and easily disposed (polyethylene breaks down to just water when burned), polyethylene is a very vers... Read More »

Plastic Welding Instructions?

Thermoplastics have found their way into many of the products you use every day. Some thermoplastics are used for plumbing and others are used to construct vehicle parts. When a thermoplastic part ... Read More »