Plastic Recycling Plants in the DFW Area, Texas?

Answer Derived from non-renewable resources, plastics are used in making containers, household items and furniture. According to the EPA, in 2008 the U.S. generated about 30 million tons of plastic produ... Read More »

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What is the plastic recycling process?

Plastic recycling is more expensive and complex than recycling glass or metal due to its chemical make-up. Plastics are made from non-renewable fossil fuels, about 30 percent oil and 70 percent nat... Read More »

Plastic Recycling Problems?

With 80 percent of Americans having access to some type of plastic recycling program, certain plastics have a high recycling rate and the plastics recycling business continues to grow, according to... Read More »

How does recycling paper&plastic help the air?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, recycling paper and plastic can reduce pollutants released into the air in a number of ways. These pollutants include gases rel... Read More »

How to Use Plastic Crates for Recycling?

The process of recycling can easily become disorganized and messy if you don't have enough storage containers for all of your recyclable items. In many cities, residents are asked to sort their rec... Read More »