Plasma tv,help me please?

Answer That sounds like it's the built-in promo for use in store displays. There should be a menu item to disable it. If you can't find it, call (or go to) the store where you bought it and ask them how t... Read More »

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LCD vs PLASMA (HD-TV) help please?

If you want a 30" TV you will not find one. The closest available is a 32" HDTV. However in that size, there are no plasmas. There are only LCD's at that size. The LCD is cheaper, and probably ... Read More »

Please, How do you remove crayon from a plasma TV safely?

Try not to use any solution to clean the glass. Especially anything with ammonia. Locate a microfiber cloth from a camera store and use that to clean the glass. Some screens have coatings that can ... Read More »

Massive Plasma television issue. Urgent please help!?

What you have is a 32" LCD tv. It is a bargain price tv that is not very reliable. Plasma tv starts at the 42" up to 150". It is not worth fixing than just buying a new tv. Keep in mind, you get wh... Read More »

I am no TV expert. Will I really be able to see motion blur on an LCD LCD vs Plasma! PLEASE HELP!?'s been my experience that stores will 'bump-up' the picture settings of the TVs that they want to sell! They just adjust the settings of the rest of the TVs accordingly!Some stores are mo... Read More »