Plasma burn-in?

Answer It's not a major problem with the Plasma screens, but you might want to check with the store concerning the particular model you are looking at. Some of the older models will be more at risk than ... Read More »

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Help with plasma tv burn in?

You will think twice before making any decision especially in case of purchasing Electronic items. Be clear about your requirement and budget . Do comparison with available data. You will get a num... Read More »

Plasma Screen 'burn in' after one hour?

in the manuel it should say no games because too much power and behind i think thers a thin screen so it burns the image like a when u burn a song or movie on a disk so i think u are kind of screwed

Ne ideas to get the burn outta my plasma tv?

I have never seen an image burn-in to a 2007 or newer Panasonic plasma TV used under normal viewing conditions. I also have not had permanent burn-in on a Panasonic plasma TV with gaming provided y... Read More »

How to Use JScreenFix to Remove Plasma Screen Burn in?

Plasma screens suffer terrible burn-in if an area of the screen does not change for a long period of time. Patterns on such areas will still be noticeable when new images are displayed. For TV inpu... Read More »