Plasma TV's, do they consume alot more energy than I think?

Answer Yes they do use more energy but is not that noticable on your bill. I have 2 and no traditional tube tvs anymore.tradition tube tvs have a single CRT tube plasma charges well plasma to make a pict... Read More »

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Does black LCD screen consume less energy than white?

nope...lcd's are backlit screens, so there is a small consistent light source back-lighting a screen..."black" is just something (LCD) blocking the light whereas white is letting the l... Read More »

Do 3d tvs consume more electricity than normal hdtvs?

The price of 3D TVs may be slightly more expensive than regular TVs but the electricity consumption is the same if not less. Cinema 3D TVs come with an energy star rating. LG Cinema 3D TVs are also... Read More »

Why Sarsaparilla give me more energy than Energy drinks them selves?

maybe sars contain lots of sugar thats why ur body react like that..thats normal,hunn... =)

HP dv6000 max ram, alot of sites say the max ram is 2GB when i know its more than that.?

Go to and run their system scanner. It will tell you what you currently have installed, and what the maximum amount of RAM it can handle. looked up... Read More »