Plasma TV x LCD HDTV?

Answer I wrote this a few months ago but the info is still correct and may be helpful to you.he 2 technologies are getting closer to each other but each still has pros and cons.Pros of a plasma are1. Bett... Read More »

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46 in LCD HDTV or a 50 in Plasma HDTV. Same price. Which is a better choice?

Even though Plasma HDTVs have a great picture at first, after a while the picture starts to dim and they have to be "re-gassed" by a qualified technician which costs around $350 and up according to... Read More »

HDTV: Plasma vs. LCD?

this is a great site with a table explaining pros and cons…

What is better HDTV or a plasma t.v. and why?

Well, if your Plasma TV is not HD, then the HD is better. This is because television stations are required to change their format to Digital in the coming years. This means that any TV which is not... Read More »

What's better...Plasma or LCD HDTV?

-Panasonic's 1080p plasma TVs have a half-life of 100,000 hours (30-40 years of typical use)- An LCD TV only has a half life of 60,000 hours (25-27 years of typical use).-A plasma TV will lose brig... Read More »