Plasma TV Screen broke?

Answer Replacing the screen on a plasma costs just as much as buying a new TV.

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My son broke our plasma tv screen it is shattered is it more to repair than buying a new one?

MORE to repair....Get a New one....and protect it from your son....

Can plasma screen tilted will it damage the plasma screen?

yes. most can tilt about 10 degrees back or forward, beyond that you're taking a big risk. never, EVER, lay a plasma tv flat. Even if you're moving it and it's turned off. The heavy glass can be... Read More »

I broke my plasma tv!!!?

Well,the first thing I suggest is some anger management help and the second suggestion is to earn enough money to buy yourself a new tv. Good luck.

Can you repair a lcd tv screen when the panel is broke behind the outer screen?

Unfortunately no.The price to replace the panel would make the TV beyond economical repair.