Plants in the Mountain Ice Cap Biome?

Answer Biomes are different regions of the Earth that share a similar climate, as well as similar plant and animal life. Plants that are grown in the Mountain -- or Alpine - biome tend to be small and le... Read More »

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What Is the Average Rainfall in the Mountain Biome?

The average rainfall in the mountain biome is about 12 inches a year (30 cm annually). More commonly referred to as the alpine biome, the mountain biome is dry and cold all year long. The winter se... Read More »

Plants for a Rainforest Biome?

Rainforest biomes are home to some of the most diverse arrays of plants on the planet. Different species of flowers and other plants are still being discovered by modern science making cataloging o... Read More »

Plants & Trees That Live in the Biome?

The world can be divided into different regions based on climate and geography and the types of plants and animals that live in these areas. These divisions are known as biomes and they can then be... Read More »

Plants That Grow in a Freshwater Biome?

Plants that grow and thrive in a freshwater biome range from wildflowers to much larger shrubs and trees. These plants can grow on shorelines, in the water or in the surrounding ecosystem where the... Read More »