Plants in Water or Soil?

Answer All plants need light, air, water and nutrients. Not all plants need soil, however, and there are terrestrial plants and aquatic plants that will live very happily outside a soil-filled pot or a ga... Read More »

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Can bamboo plants be kept in just water with no soil?

Both lucky bamboo and lotus bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana and Dracaena compacta) grow best in water. Placing these plants in soil usually causes them to die more quickly because people tend to let th... Read More »

Plants That Don't Need Soil But Stones & Water?

There are many plants that do not require soil in order to be grown. Research has shown that the use of hydroponics---growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions instead of soil---can be done w... Read More »

Do plants grow better in water or soil?

On One Hand: Water is More EfficientHydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil. This method has an edge over orthodox cultivation techniques in several categories. Hydroponically g... Read More »

Can plants grow in something other than water or soil?

Plants can grow in air through a system known as aeroponics, where nutrients are sprayed directly onto the exposed roots. NASA, among other organizations, is a big proponent of this system because ... Read More »