Plants for Indoor Terrariums?

Answer The best plants for terrariums are those that don't do well in the normal household environment, according to University of Missouri Extension. Low-growing, dense plants are usually best suited to ... Read More »

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Good Plants for Terrariums?

Terrariums are enclosed, clear, watertight structures for growing plants. The size of the terrarium should be able to accommodate a variety of plants. Since the space in terrariums is limited, the ... Read More »

Plants Good for Desert Terrariums?

Creating a thriving terrarium requires plants with the same basic needs, and a desert-themed terrarium can add a touch of nature to your home without requiring extensive care. Plants best-suited fo... Read More »

Stores that sell terrariums for plants?

why not look in a pet shop where they sell terrariums and aquariums. You can also check craigs list either in the free section or whereever aquariums are sold. That should be cheaper. You could als... Read More »

How to Send Indoor Plants?

Mailing plants is relatively common, whether ordering them from a mail order gardening website, or sending and receiving them among family and friends. Given indoor plants' often fragile structure,... Read More »