Plants for Hot Weather?

Answer When the weather gets hot, it can cause some types of plants to wilt and wither. There are some plant varieties, however, that can retain water and thrive in the heat. Many of these heat loving pla... Read More »

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Cold-Weather Garden Plants?

Gardening does not stop when the weather outside turns cooler. Many plants, including flowers and vegetables, can thrive in cooler temperatures. Winter flowers can create a contrast when their colo... Read More »

Has anyone else noticed that the weather is confusing the plants?

It isn't only confusing the plants, its confusing me!!!! I watched a programme on the TV a while back and they proved its all part of a natural cycle so I don't think anything we do will make any d... Read More »

What plants grow in 62 degree weather?

Honestly most plants grow in 62 degree weather. It really depends on whether the temperature is going to get hotter because it's spring, or colder because it's fall. If it's summer, then get your t... Read More »

How does cold weather affect tomato plants?

Tomato plants are a popular vegetable to grow at home due to their small size and many uses in cuisine. They thrive in warm weather in spots where they receive full sunshine. This means cold weathe... Read More »