Plants and Animals of the Kalahari Desert?

Answer Though it's a desert, Africa's Kalahari is anything but barren. A slew of diverse plants and animals reside in the Kalahari Desert, providing food, shelter and protection for one another. Some plan... Read More »

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Endangered Plants & Animals in the Desert?

Plants and animals that live in the desert are notoriously tough. They have found a way to thrive in an environment prone to extreme temperatures and dryness, earning them a great deal of respect i... Read More »

Thar Desert Plants & Animals?

Lying to the west of the Aravalli Mountains, the Thar Desert is the seventh-largest desert in the world, encompassing much of northwestern India. The Thar contains several distinct ecosystems, incl... Read More »

Sonoran Desert Plants & Animals?

The Sonoran Desert covers parts of the southwestern United States (most of Arizona and southern California), the Baja Peninsula, and the state of Sonora in Mexico. Far from being a wasteland, the S... Read More »

How Plants & Animals Rely on Each Other in the Desert?

The desert is a dry, hot, arid expanse that can stretch for thousands of miles. One of the world's six biomes, the desert is home to many plants and animals. Some deserts, such as the Sahara, are t... Read More »