Plants & Trees in the African Savanna?

Answer The African savanna is a tropical grassland spread over nearly half of the continent and spanning a large number of countries including Somalia, Ethiopia, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Angola. The ar... Read More »

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Diptera Flies in the African Savanna?

Diptera is an order of insects featuring a single pair of wings, which includes flies and mosquitoes. In the African savanna, a grassland ecosystem that occupies the central and some coastal areas ... Read More »

How to Make an African Savanna in the Classroom?

An African savanna is the typical environment found on the continent of Africa. It is characterised by exotic animals like giraffes and lions, while the landscape is vast grasslands scattered with ... Read More »

What is the name of the thorn tree that grows in the African savanna?

Over 700 species make up the acacia family. The Senegal gum acacia is the thorn tree of the African savanna and provides shelter for wildlife. It is also a source of gum arabic, an ingredient in va... Read More »

Plants That Live in the Savanna?

Savanna refers to a grassland ecosystem that features tall grasses and some trees. A savanna has two seasons: a wet summer season and a dry winter season. Parts of Africa, Brazil, Columbia, Venezue... Read More »