Plants That Live in the Photic Zone?

Answer The photic zone is the layer of the ocean that sunlight reaches. The photic zone is made up of three layers, the euphotic zone, the dysphotic zone and the aphotic zone. The euphotic zone is the onl... Read More »

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What Lives in the Photic Zone?

The photic zone extends from the surface of the ocean to the depth where light is too dim for photosynthesis, on average 200 meters deep. This is similar to the epipelagic zone and sometimes the tw... Read More »

What kind of plants live in the benthic zone?

Plants that reside in the benthic zone, up to 200 meters below the ocean surface, include small organisms such as algae and micro algae, according to the Nova Scotia Museum. In addition, plants suc... Read More »

What Planting Zone(Plant Hardiness Zone) do you live in according to the USDA Hardiness Map?

WHAT TO DO !!! One seed catalogue says certain plants are zone 3 but a diff catalogue says they're zone 4?

They say lilac bushes are zone 4, but here we zone three'ers are growing lilacs like they're going out of style. So either just guess, or err on the side of caution and stay in zone three. I also c... Read More »