Plants That Do Well in the Shade?

Answer Shady areas challenge the gardener to create interest while selecting from the brief list of plants that thrive without direct sunlight. However, shade-lovers offer some subtlety that the full-sun ... Read More »

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Flowering Plants That Do Well in the Shade Planted With Irises?

Irises, which grow from rhizomes, or underground stems, are perennial plants. The large, showy flowers come in many colors, including, purple, blue, white, yellow, orange, red, black, pink and lave... Read More »

What flowers that grow well in shade?

Growing beautiful gardens in the shade is easy to do, but shade is a relative term. In the home garden or home site there can be many types of shade. The nuances of each type of shade are well know... Read More »

Evergreens That Do Well in Full Sun in Summer & Shade in the Winter?

Evergreens have the ability to retain their foliage color through winter, when most other plants have died down for the season. With this ability, evergreen trees and shrubs provide warmth and colo... Read More »

Plants That Love Wet & Shade?

If you have landscaping or a garden that stays slightly wet and lies in the shade for most or all of the day, finding suitable plants proves challenging. Depending on the amount of space you have a... Read More »