Plants That Change Color for Science Projects?

Answer Plants and flowers come in a variety of different colors, but they all function in the same basic way: by turning water and carbon dioxide into sugar and oxygen through a process called photosynthe... Read More »

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Science Projects That Involve the Growth of Plants?

A good science project investigates a topic that can be tested and proven right or wrong. Practical considerations limit you to tests that you are able to perform and complete in an allotted time. ... Read More »

Science Projects With Variables That Are the Same and Some That Change?

Many science projects involve the use of "variables," which is a condition in the experiment that changes. Science projects also make use of "controls," which involve a condition or set of conditio... Read More »

The Best Plants for Science Projects?

Growing plants in different conditions has long been a favorite for science projects as it allows for a demonstration of growth and the best growing conditions which cannot be achieved with live an... Read More »

Tomato Plants for Science Projects?

Tomato plants are relatively easy to grow, making them excellent for science fair projects. Whether you want to test theories on ripening, fertilizer, overcrowding or even how a tomato responds to ... Read More »