Plants That Are Good for the Air Quality in a House?

Answer Most indoor plants improve the air quality in a house by cleaning the air. But a study by NASA found that some indoor plant varieties actually remove harmful chemicals that can be present, includin... Read More »

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Do house plants improve indoor air quality?

Studies by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have shown that houseplants can remove many indoor air pollutants. Intended to find ways to purify the air for extended space travel, th... Read More »

What to look for in a good quality exterior house paint - water based versus oil base.?

Answer Oil base is the best for exterior painting. Water based chips after a few years, while oil has more of plastic coating effect and will need repainting maybe ten years down the road. It's al... Read More »

Is it good to have house plants?

Generally, yes. They provide life, oxygen, a calm presence and beauty. (Just make sure that you are not allergic to any of your houseplants.)

What Are Good House Plants?

Growing plants indoors provides a number of benefits. Plants release oxygen and help filter the air. They are also attractive and require comparatively little care. However, many people believe the... Read More »