Plants & Shrubs That Stay Small?

Answer Keep landscaping plants and shrubs small by planting dwarf and low-growing varieties in cases where you need keep them from spreading out of control or blocking features of your property. These shr... Read More »

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Colorful Bushes, Shrubs and Plants for Small Gardens?

Small garden spaces can present challenges to gardeners. Fitting in colorful shrubs and plants is not as difficult as you may think. There are many plants and shrubs that remain small when mature. ... Read More »

How long can shrubs stay in a pot before planting?

You can keep shrubs in pots indefinitely, according to Learn 2 Grow. Keep in mind, however, that container shrubs will require more maintenance than those planted in the ground. Care must be taken ... Read More »

What is the scientific name for 'small leaved' shrubs?

Microphylla is the scientific name for 'small leaved'. It comes from the Greek for '[having] small or tiny leaves'. The word isn't used just to describe small leaved shrubs. So for example, it also... Read More »

Low Maintenance Plants & Shrubs?

Landscaping can give your home a finished look, but not everyone enjoys working in their yard. Choosing plants and shrubs that are low-maintenance adds exterior appeal to your house without a lot o... Read More »