Plants From the Tropical Grasslands?

Answer Grasslands in tropical zones are most commonly called "savannas", from a Native American word for "plains." Savannas are in tropical wet/dry zones with only two distinct seasons. Plants need avera... Read More »

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Trees in Tropical Grasslands?

Grasslands are on every continent except for Antarctica. Tropical grasslands, also known as savannas, dominate the landscape of Africa and also large regions of India, Australia and South America. ... Read More »

What Kinds of Plants Live in the Grasslands?

Grassland are huge expanses of land with multitudes of grasses, herbs and flowers. The nature of plants in a certain grassland is determined by the local growing conditions and latitude of the gras... Read More »

Tropical Air Plants?

Air plants grow directly on other plants and rocks without any soil, but they are not parasitic. They get all their nutrients from leaf debris and bird droppings that land in their root systems. Th... Read More »

Big Leaf Tropical Plants?

Tropical plants with big leaves add drama to tropical landscapes and botanical gardens, but many big-leaved plants are trees that grow well beyond the scale of northern gardeners who want a focal p... Read More »