Plants & Animals Endangered by Acid Rain?

Answer Acid rain is the result of a chemical reaction that happens between atmospheric water vapor, sulfur and carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. These chemicals are released when volcanoes erupt, but si... Read More »

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How Can Acid Rain Harm Plants & Animals?

Fossil fuel emissions harm plants and animals when they mix with precipitation and fall to earth as sulfuric and nitric acid. This contamination of soil, bodies of water and foliage, causes both di... Read More »

Endangered Plants & Animals in the Desert?

Plants and animals that live in the desert are notoriously tough. They have found a way to thrive in an environment prone to extreme temperatures and dryness, earning them a great deal of respect i... Read More »

Endangered Plants & Animals in Texas?

Texas features a robust local population of wildlife, but like all areas facing human encroachment many of the plants and animals have become endangered. Conservation efforts, however, have made at... Read More »

Endangered Plants and Animals in Marine Biomes?

The surface of the Earth is comprised of 75 percent marine biomes, which include oceans, estuaries and coral reefs. They are crucial to human survival as they provide much of the planet's oxygen su... Read More »