Planting Times for Revolution Lettuce?

Answer Lettuce grows in spring and early summer vegetable gardens, but requires earlier starts and seasons than many other summertime vegetables. Revolution lettuce is no different, with preferences for c... Read More »

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Lettuce Planting Time?

Lettuce is an easy crop to grow indoors under lights, outdoors in the ground, or in containers -- including window boxes. Grow and harvest lettuce year-round by continually planting seeds every two... Read More »

Lettuce Planting & Spacing?

The easiest lettuce to grow, according to Ohio State University Extension, is loose leaf. Leaves grow in rosettes and do not form into a head. Loose leaf comes in red, bronze and green, and it matu... Read More »

How do I prep lettuce seeds for planting?

PreparePlant lettuce in spring or early summer for best results. Plant the seeds when the soil is dry, and can be easily raked out. Choose a location with good drainage, that gets good sunlight wit... Read More »

Does lettuce lose its nutritional value when planting in just plain water?

Well as far as I know, lettuce does not have much nutrition to start with. So not much to loose.I would guess that yu are correct what little it has to offer by either soil, or hydroponic gardenin... Read More »