Planting Instructions for a Russian Mulberry Tree?

Answer The Russian mulberry tree (Morus alba tatarica) is native to China. It thrives in eastern North America on sites with well-drained soil. Russian mulberry is a small tree, reaching 15 to 20 feet tal... Read More »

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Planting Instructions for a Windmill Palm Tree?

The windmill palm tree--scientifically known as Trachycarpus fortunei, and also called the chusan palm and the Chinese fan palm--features fan-shaped fronds arranged in a symmetrical crown and a sle... Read More »

In bulb planting instructions, it says "planting depth: plant crown level with surrounding soil"?

the crown is the top of the will dig a hole deep enough to bury the bulb but shallow enough so that the top of the bulb is level w/ the soil but not covered by it.

Mulberry Tree Size?

The two main types of mulberry trees found in the United States are the red mulberry (Morus rubra) and the white mulberry (Morus alba). The former is a native species across much of the eastern hal... Read More »

What is a mulberry tree?

The mulberry tree, or morus, is a deciduous tree bearing flowers and fruit. It is made up of different species that are similar in appearance. The red mulberry is native to America, but other speci... Read More »